We Are Upgrading the Way Companies Interact with the Evolving Payments Ecosystem

Send and receive payments in as few as 10 seconds. Keep your money moving and secure a larger ROI on every transaction. With Transactive, you get the speed you need to lead your market.

Solving the Problems of a
Disconnected System

We saw the problems companies encountered integrating with multiple banks’ online banking software, juggling multiple languages, and reconciling multiple formats: all unnecessary complications and obstacles thrown into the path of developers building industry-specific solutions.

How We Revitalised Dated Infrastructures

  • Faster Payments Faster Payments
  • Easy On-boarding Easy On-boarding
  • Pay Your Employees Faster Pay Your Employees Faster
  • Accounts Payable Simplified Accounts Payable Simplified
  • Manage Accounts Online Manage Accounts Online
  • Secure Remote Payments Secure Remote Payments

The Transactive Difference:
A Unified Ecosystem

We’re changing the industry with our unified solution suite that relies on the same language and formats in countries across the globe. With Transactive you’ll benefit from the fastest possible transaction processing, world-class security, and clear reconciliation of data of all sizes.

Capitalise on the
Instant Payments Revolution

The system is accessible via an open API that can be accessed by clients, or adopted by developers as the banking backbone of even more tailored applications.

We’re making global payments:

  • Extraordinarily simple.
  • Extraordinarily fast.
  • Extraordinarily affordable.

Applying is Easy.
Using Transactive is Easier.

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