<span>Fin</span>Tech Payments Solution
<span>Fin</span>Tech Payments Solution

Include accounts and instant FinTech payment services among your platform features. They're available without further development through Transactive's open API.

Create accounts, send payouts, and receive payments with instant notification.  Transactive has the licenses, relationships and integrations you need to provide cutting-edge payment services to your users.

Here's why you should choose Transactive for your Fintech Services Solution

Transactive loves simplicity, utility, and transparency. Our open API is easy to integrate and is available to you with no cost or obligation.  If you want to include a Fintech finance solution, account functionality and instant payment services in your platform, rest easy. That part is as good as done.

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Send and receive EUR and GBP payments no matter where your business is based.

Instant Payments

Instant Payments

Send payment directly to beneficiary accounts in less than 10 seconds. Receive funds with instant notification.

Virtual Bank Accounts

Virtual Bank Accounts

Provide payers with your dedicated virtual IBAN for receipt of settlements, subscription fees and more.

Personalised Client Support

Personalised Client Support

Knowledgeable, caring people are available to help you with integration and support.

World Class Security

World Class Security

Complies with the world's highest security standards.

Streamlined Onboarding

Streamlined Onboarding

We eliminated a lot of the legalese to make getting started as easy as possible.

Instant Developer Credentials

Instant Developer Credentials

Gain instant access to our sandbox and start integrating for free.

A FinTech Platform Developers can add instant payment solutions instantly

Instant <br/>Credit Transfers

Send Any Volume of Payments
Instantly - Day or Night

Sending and receiving payments across borders used to be plagued with challenges and unexpected delays, but not anymore. Transactive makes sending payouts instant and effortless 24 hours per day, every day of the year, giving you the speed you need to lead your market.

Virtual <br/>Bank Accounts

Open Business Accounts
in Europe and the UK

Own and operate domestic or non-resident virtual bank accounts without the bureaucratic hassle and high fees associated with traditional bank accounts.

Credit Transfer <br/>Receipt

Top Up Your Accounts or Receive
Payment from Clients and Customers

Provide your Transactive Account Details to Customers, Clients, Acquirers, or whomever you need to receive funds from in Europe and the UK. Maintain funds for future disbursements, or sweep to your corporate bank account in whichever currency you designate.

Direct <br />Debit

Dramatically Reduce Late Payments and Chargebacks with Direct Debit

Reduce your risk and maximise your profitability with timely repayment of your loans. Transactive’s Direct Debit makes it fast and effortless to receive automatic payments on a recurring basis from Europe and beyond.

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Complete the full application to ensure compliance with all international regulations.

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