Providing new, cost-effective ways for businesses to integrate with emerging payment systems in Europe and around the world improving the accounts payable process.

Payments Software

Transactive brings fresh new technology to transaction processing

  Transactive offers an easy-to-integrate  solution to the problems associated with collecting payment information and sending payment information within Europe and from around the world.    If you need a robust platform that allows you to send instant payments, originate direct debits, or receive payments with instant notification from any one of the 35 countries within the Single European Payments Area, then Transactive’s Seymour Payments Hub is for you.    Seymour is easy to integrate with one payment-type agnostic API. The Seymour banking hub can sit invisibly between you and your clients, ensuring that you are able to provide the level of service that they expect, with the margins that you need.   

Get Paid Faster. . .

Faster transmission of data can mean faster notification of funds.  Knowing exactly who has paid and when helps you make good business decisions. 

Send Payments Instantly

Transactive offers SEPA credits, and will be among the first companies to facilitate Instant SEPA credits in the Autumn of 2017.


Transactive Virtual Bank Accounts

  Transactive will provide your company with a Virtual Bank Account. Add funds for sending payments, or sweep funds received whenever you require.  Transactive offers 24/ 7/ 365 transaction processing services so that you can keep whatever business hours work best for you.

SEPA Credit Transfer

  Euro payments can be sent quickly and easily to bank accounts in 35 countries. Lodge funds to your VBA by single wire transfer in the currency of your choice. Those funds will be credited in Euro, ready for disbursement to your beneficiaries throughout Europe.    

SEPA Instant Credit Transfer

  With SEPA instant credits, value is transmitted within 10 seconds or less. Lenders, employers, freelance and affiliate networks can all benefit from the ability to pay individuals and companies on time, every time, without the expense or waiting times involved with other  transfer methods.   

Bank Transfer Receipt

With a Transactive VBA, you will be able to accept payment directly from clients and customers throughout Europe without the SWIFT fees and potential delays associated with cross border payments. Streamline your European A/R, or accept settlement of other payment types from PSPs and Acquirers throughout Europe.

SEPA Direct Debit

  Improve customer service and control over receivables by directly debiting customer bank accounts for subscriptions, reorders, top ups and renewals. With your customers’ permission, you can debit sums agreed in advance from any bank account within the 35 countries of the Single European Payments Area.     

Payment Card Processing

Transactive looks forward to offering a robust range of PCI compliant merchant processing solutions including multi-currency merchant accounts, gateway services, fraud prevention and settlement in any major currency with personalised customer service and fast onboarding.


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